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Money reversals after DAVIS CHANDLER's death in a fiery plane crash force his widow LAURA to move into a crumbling Victorian house she inherited and hopes to restore and sell.  When she learns that Davis’ first wife died there, and that his death might not have been an accident, Laura sees the strange things that have been happening in a more ominous light.  Despite falling in love with the handsome country veterinarian who has befriended her, the young widow’s life seems like a bad dream as she struggles to deal with a stalker, acerbic adult stepchildren, an unwanted suitor, a mother with Alzheimer’s, and the rumor that her house is haunted.  Finding blood splashed on her front steps and a dead animal hanging from her chandelier, Laura realizes the bad dream has turned into a nightmare that could be the death of her.

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From the Great Pyramid at Giza to the Amazon jungles, photographer SHEA McKENNA faces danger on a global scale. Adventure is the last thing on her mind, however, when she accepts a mundane assignment to photograph American Indian artifacts for the Missouri Westward Museum. After the theft of relics, the discovery of a forged war lance, and the brutal murder of a museum employee, St. Louis' finest declares her a suspect. She is determined to solve the crimes and clear her name, but events at a Patrons Ball and a fiery Indian powwow provide more questions than clues. As Shea gets closer to the truth, she winds up with a reuthless murderer hot on her trail.

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Dreamspell Revenge Anthology

Feature Article

Second Generation Soul

J. Hassler Moresi

(Published in St. Louis magazine September 1987)

            "I'm trying to put St. Louis back on the map. Most entertainers leave St. Louis," says Ike Turner Jr. "I'm trying to stay here and build a music foundation. You know, recording studios and record companies. 'Cause it should have been. Memphis has it. Dallas. New York. The West Coast. Except St. Louis, and we should have it."

            Ike plans to establish his music headquarters on the lower level of George Edick's Club Imperial on West Florissant in North St. Louis County. In the '60s, Club Imperial provided a springboard to fame for many local entertainers, such as Chuck Berry and Ike and Tina Turner. Now, a second generation of soulful singers has decided to make St. Louis their home base.

            Ike, a slim, soft-spoken young man, originally came to St. Louis from Los Angeles to cut an album at Oliver Sain's Archway Recording Studio, then decided to stay. "I like the pace in St. Louis—for a family." He intends to marry Carol Simmons as soon as he can work it into his busy schedule.

            Following another tradition of his father's, Ike is using George Edick as his business manager along with Magnet Attractions in New York. It seems New York, as well as the rest of the Northeast Coast, appreciates Ike's style.

"Up in New York," Ike says, "they call it 'Urban Adult Contemporary.' It's got a flavor of a little funk with rock 'n' roll in it, too."

According to the New York Post, Ike plays to standing-room-only crowds. He had a return engagement in late February.

When asked if his parents are involved with the promotion of his career, Ike gave an emphatic, "No."

Chuck Berry, however, has had a large influence on his daughter's music career.

"Very much of an influence," Ingrid Berry says. "I would say from age five I kinda took interest. He was always on the road; he wasn't home very much, but I took it on myself to follow that light."

Although she mostly works with her father now, Ingrid had played locally at the old Office Lounge, now called Steppin' Out, on Halls Ferry Road in 1981.

"I was involved in a band with my husband (Charles 'Chuck' Clay)." Ingrid tries to hush the crying of their new baby. "We called ourselves the 'C.I.A.' The Chuck and Ingrid Act. It sort of bothered me that I had to leave my baby at such a tender age, so I decided to relax a little bit from the St. Louis scene. But I continue to work with my Dad on bigger engagements."

The last big job Ingrid did with her father was on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with Jerry Lee Lewis. Before that, the movie filmed at the Fox Theater.

Music, however, isn't the only area of work that Ingrid shares with her father. She's also employed at his real estate company in St. Louis.

"It's a family affair," she sings.


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